Free Android and iOS app to monitor network data usage


  • When can I start checking my data usage?
  • What is the data refresh frequency?
  • Does DataDiary capture data usage from all data connections?
  • Does DataDiary monitor Wi-fi usage too?
  • I see some apps that are using data which I've never used. What are these apps?
  • Why is there a mismatch in 'App DataDiary' and other DataDiary views?
  • How many days' data is stored in DataDiary?
  • What can I do if I forgot my password?
  • What happens if I register as a new user on the same device?
  • What happens if I "Reset data" in "Settings"
  • How can I opt out of DataDiary?
  • What devices are currently supported?
  • How can I share this app with my friends?
  • How should I contact customer support?

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